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Cuando íbamos de vacaciones, en la radio del Seat Ronda de mi padre sonaban sin parar las canciones de grupos como Ultravox , Soft Cell o Visage. Pero sobre todo, las de Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Pero no lo hacen para recordar sus viejos hits en citas festivaleras ya les vimos hace un par de años en el desaparecido Summercase , sino para volver a editar un disco con todos los miembros originales del grupo: Paul Humphreys, Andy McCluskey, Martin Cooper y Malcolm Holmes. Gracias por aquellos estribillos. Machacones, sí. Pero épicos. Queda prohibida toda reproducción sin permiso escrito de la empresa a los efectos del artículo Help me please.

I search a song"We can't stop" by Spunkfool full track.. Everywhere I find only reduced version. Also this song was in a film "3 Metros Sobre el Cielo" year. Who knows where to find the full version write on the e-mail liyag27 mail. Where can I buy 'Solos Exitos ' book? It's not even on ebay How about Joe Dolan who back in had loads of chart success on the Continent including Spain? Can someone post the chart positions for Paul McCartey Wings in the s, please? Is it airplay chart or single chart? Please help me if you could Anyone who can give us the chart run of OMD's singles and albums at the Spanish charts?

It wasn't 6 or 4 but 5, according to the Superventas charts: 26 march ?

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Do you know the positions of the other OMD singles in the early 80's? I know there were three number ones Enola Gay, Souvenir, Maid Of Orleans but I still look for the positions of other singles as well as the chart run. Did "Telegraph" ever charted in Spain? Also is there any info about the albums?

Thank you again so much. Officially only "Enola gay" and "Souvenir" were 1s in the "Superventas" charts, but the method used in the book "solo exitos" gives them also "Maid of Orleans" as 1. This is the info I have; I also have the peaks of their singles in "Los 40 principales" radio chart, the most important at the time; note that it's a radio chart, not singles sales.

Thank you so much! This is brilliant information. About "Organisation" though, I have seen it once at the Top 10 of the album chart, unless it was the chart from Portugal, it's been a while so I don't remember.


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Yes, mystery solved: "Organisation" was No 4 in the charts of Portugal, so No 15 was the position in the Spanish charts. I heard a song in Benidorm in September but cannot find it anywhere. Jeanette "porque te vas " number 1 in France in august Can please someone turn on imagination and tell me which song I could hear in Majorca in ? The song is instrumental without any words, one can still hear it in the air, but everytime I fail to get to know the artist.

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Now I'm going to have a try to sing it:D tararam Thanks everyone. Did any eurodance groups chart in Spain??? Hi, Does anyone have T. Rex singles and albums chart positions? Kind Regards, Tony. Vain - 3 Got to get it - 2 Anything - 4 Pay no mind - 11 I am still looking for chart info pre Please help. Shouldn't be many titles. Hello, I'm looking for Amanda Lear singles and albums positions on Spanish charts. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am searching for the Top 20 Charts in spain.

Specifically for Rex Gildo german singer and his "Fiesta mejicana". Does anyone have a list of the Top20 in spain?

Dire Straits singles and albums, please Hi, I am looking for the chart statistics for Roxette singles and albums. If someone is able to make them available to me, that would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Toby, NZ. Please post Linkin Park chart info if there is some. Thanks in advance. Les felicito! Por favor! Ahora, el tema lo suena Radio Dos.

Entró en listas en España? Por favor!!! Desde Costa Rica, un gran saludo!

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De antemano Aquí lo de Nuevos horizontes no entró en las listas de ventas; en las de radio de la época no se saben datos; el single lo publicó Hispavox en Hola, SpanishCharter! Te estaba debiendo el agradecimiento por tomarte el tiempo para responderme. Me corroboraste que estaba bien con el año en que salió la canción. Me gusta archivar las canciones por año. Si el tema no entró en listas, recurro a los charts del Reino Unido, si aquí no encuentro la información, busco en las listas del resto del mundo. Precisamente, esto es lo que me sucedió con este tema musical.

Para que te hagas una idea , el archivo me quedó colocado así Muchas gracias!!! Does anyone have the peaks for the hottest band in the world KISS?? Thanks a lot!! Anyone have the album chart postions of Fleetwood Mac and Black Sabbath? That would be very great. Does anyone have the peaks for Judas Priest's albums?? The best of 23 En vivo!

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Hi evrybody Is there anythin g in there by the late great Irish singer Joe Dolan? Semana por semana no, que es mucho That's incredible! Thanks for all this info. Ro feat. So, this is an important chart. Thank you again. The chart from 8 al 13 febrero is neither available there.

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Could you upload it? I haven't updated that blog since ages You are the author from this blog! I didn't know. And I'm glad to talk to you, because it's one of my favourite pages. I've added a comment to your blog with this two charts. Savage garden didn't have any entries in sales charts but their peaks on Top 40 radio were: I want you 22 To the moon and back 20 Truly madly deeply 27 Break me, shake me 25 The animal song Maybe there is someone who contact him in spanish language to show us his charts.

This would be a shame. So like davidalic or spanishCharter please research and let us know your results. In your blog, for you have only charts for maxi singles. Is this correct or are these maxi singles charts the same as the singles charts?